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by Paige Madison



No matter where you are, how far you are, or which scrunchies you pick, it is only $9 for 3 hand made scrunchies to be shipped right to your door!  All the fabric is cut by hand from pieces of fabric I have from previous projects or other fabric I have found.  Each scrunchie is then entirely sewn by myself down to the last stitch. Once you order your 3 scrunchies, I package them in cute packing to get them ready to be sent your way!  As of right now, all shipping occurs on Mondays.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me! 


Whether a scrunchie was made with fabric left over from previous projects, from fabric from thrifted items, or new fabric, sustainability is always in mind.  The goal is to use the entirety of the fabric.  When scrunchies were made from newly purchased fabric, the calculations were done so that there is no scraps.  Using scraps from previous projects or thrifted items gives items a second life as well as limiting how much fabric is discarded.  Not only is this a great sustainable practice, but each scrunchie made from remnants has a story and is unique as only a limited number of those scrunchies are available! I hope you find some scrunchies you love so you can partake in my efforts to bring sustainable practices into my designing.  Please reach out if you are interested in seeking out what other colors or prints of fabrics I may just have. 

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